Reel life vs real life

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Reel Life vs. Real Life

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Reel Life vs. Real Life

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Sex in real life isn't like sex on screen – and that's a good thing

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There is no happy ending here. For example, Justice takes time as much as the entire life span, people die but their court cases goes on, let alone asking for justice.

A-2 Mitchell, Thomas, Hill, Cutter - Catastrophe in Reel Life versus Real Life-Perpetuating Disaster Myth through Hollywood Films Author: dgonzales Created Date.

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Sep 21,  · Ok everyone so this poll is something not much related to the drama happening these days in Naamkaran its a bit in different direction Well we all are mature enough to admit that real life and reel life are different The character that we are admiring in the film/movie/soap may not be.

"A healthy person probably looks around and says, "It's a wonderful world full of wonderful things." A non-healthy person says, "I want people to think I'm one of the wonderful things.".

In real life, there's no such thing as a "cursed idol" due to the fact that the curses don't exist. Even if the curses and cursed idols existed, it would take Sniffles a long time to entirely sink in the quicksand.

Reel life vs real life
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