Life as a female slave under

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27b. Slave Life and Slave Codes

As the children neared the age of ten, planters began making distinctions between the genders. VEL 19 years old. My passion is the humiliation of male creatures.

Bringing them into really degrading situations, letting them do silly and funny things just for my pleasure is the greatest fun for me.

Sexual slavery

For slaves, life on the plantation was grueling work, with little respite from the tyranny of the master or overseer's watchful eyes. Depending on their size, plantations comprised a multitude of buildings: the homes of the master's family, overseer, and slaves, as well as outbuildings, barns, and workshops.

Oct 15,  · The life span of a factory worker in Liverpool UK in was 27 years of age, and he had his freedom to work between 60 and 70 hours a week, as did his children who under 13 years of age were restricted to only 60 hours a week.

Each female citizen was theoretically required to possess at least one slave. As for the men who gave themselves to the OWK, some came with a Mistress, often paying her way, though remaining.

I am a female slave, given into slavery for 4 years by my father, he owed a debt that he could not pay. A debt for grain that he was to pay back 3 fold.

Life as a female slave under
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