Essay on increased life expectancy

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Essay – Average Life Expectancy Is Increasing For Men And Women.

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Increased life expectancy

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Increased life expectancy

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Essay – Average Life Expectancy Is Increasing For Men And Women.

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Life Expectancy on the Rise Essay Words | 8 Pages. measurement of life expectancy can be measured by mortality and morbidity (Molla). Mortality is the inclusion of death rates, and morbidity is included in life expectancy when studies focus more on the life of the individual rather than death.

Recently, life expectancy around the world has been increased compared with the past thanks to development of the society including health care systems, foods, economy, and so on. First of all, the most important thing to notice is that life expectancy must be an average of ages of the population because life spans of people might be shorter or.

IELTS Essay Topic: One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are living longer and life expectancy is increasing.

Do you think the advantage of this development outweighs the disadvantages? Healthcare is a fundamental need of the citizens of a country as this sector is related to their physiological and psychological. Compared with the past, life expectancy is linear growth now. Take Japan as an example, men are years and females are years inbut in average life expectancy of men was and for women it was years.

The life expectancy of people is getting increased due to the drastic development in medical science sparked the heated argument among certain group of individuals.

Medical technology can increase the humans life expectancy. Is it blessing or curse?

Oct 04,  · One of the causes that life expectancy is increasing of increased life expectancy is the agricultural. In the past, many people starved to death. In the past, many people starved to death. They didn't have enough to eat, but now with the development of technology, there is more and more food, therefore that means there are far fewer people die.

Essay on increased life expectancy
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