An exploration of underwater life

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7 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Ocean Exploration

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Deep-sea exploration

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Why NIGHTSEA uses Blue Light for Underwater Fluorescence

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Underwater Life & Exploration Take a deep dive into ocean life as it’s never been seen before by following National Geographic experts through unchartered waters and explore the abundance of amazing discoveries that have come from our seas.

2015 Image of the Year

Closeup exploration of underwater life requires new forms of interaction, using biomimetic creatures that are capable of agile swimming maneuvers, equipped with cameras, and supported by. First Acoustic Exploration of the Seas: Reginald Fessenden uses an oscillator to bounce a signal simultaneously off an iceberg and the seafloor, the first acoustic exploration of the seas.

Studying the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: The German Meteor expedition surveys the South Atlantic with echo sounders, proving the continuity of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Space Exploration For A Better Life For Mankind The whole idea of getting to know the space and it secrets and how it can benefit mankind is what space exploration is all about. The need for exploring the space is as important as with the help of the information got we can help save a large number of lives and property through medical advancements.

“Not many people dive, but underwater life is beautiful and full of all kinds of interesting creatures,” says Pawel Podwojewski, the company’s leading architect. You have crash-landed on an alien ocean world, and the only way to go is down.

Descend into the depths of a vast underwater world filled with wonder and peril.

An exploration of underwater life
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